Do you need to focus people's attention for presentations, classes and training?

Game on! 

Add fun to any topic to make it much easier for people to pay attention. But how? That's the power of   Game Show Presenter software. It takes your questions about your subject and presents them as  a popular form of entertainment – the TV-style quiz show.

Your lecture or review is easily transformed into a game that challenges and motivates your students, trainees or audience. People love it! Each question in your quiz game provides fun learning reinforcement by exercising recall and rewarding attention. 


Game show-style training games are one of the very few activities that bring generations and cultures together for a fun learning activity built on their common experiences. That's because virtually all working-age generations grew up watching TV game shows. And such shows are common in cultures worldwide.  It's this diversity and broad appeal that makes Game Show Presenter a popular tool for education, workplace training, leadership and team building.

The learning impact of a quiz game can be dramatic for three reasons:

  • Motivation is much higher when a "have to" activity becomes a "get to" experience.
  • Brain science has shown that emotion helps form lasting memories. When you review information in a game format, the emotions stirred by participation, challenge, winning and losing can make the memories stronger. (Even for spectators!) 
  • Quiz games let people exercise newly acquired information and reinforce existing knowledge. Experts call this activity "practice retrieval." Your audience or students will call it fun!  Using a review game takes the drudgery out of drilling, so people leave your class or meeting energized and prepared to apply what they've learned in exams, on the job or in daily life.

With Game Show Presenter software, all this comes together: Motivation. Emotion. Recall practice. And even team-building and communication skills. This is why thousands of educators and presentation professionals use Game Show Presenter to get the results they need.


  • “The software continues to be a great tool at my workshops and conference presentations. It does help participants assimilate taught material and makes group activities engaging for all. Even the shy folks seems to get excited and start participating.”

    James W. 
  • “May I say that your Game Show program is a total hit with my students. They have found your software interesting, engaging and memorable. It is the memorable part that means the most to me. I use your software to prepare students for midterms and final exams and it is very effective.”

    Ted C.
    College instructor
  • “We love this software program. We just did training on a pretty boring topic (Individual Retirement Accounts) and everyone had fun, learned something and could apply it on the job.”

    Training and education manager


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