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Game Show Presenter Award

About These Reviews:

Game Show Presenter has so many happy customers among trainers, educators and presenters, the list of testimonials got too long! So we sorted the reviews into separate pages:
Educators' CommentsTrainers and Presenters' Comments (See below)Reviewers' Comments


"We are using your Game Show training game for our Sales Training Seminars for many years now and we love it!" — Carine G. (International Sales Training Manager)

"Just love it - I'm a technical trainer and use this to provide reviews at the end of the day. Been using it for 5 years." — Karen S. (Technical trainer)

"It's a great tool for a trainer. Quite a motivator." — Joe (Professional trainer)

"I am an avid user of Game Show PLUS. We ran about 300 sales people through a one-hour game show last week and they absolutely loved it. I'm now a hero in our company thanks to you, for Game Show PLUS enabled us to take a very dry subject and make it a ton of fun. Thanks!" — Mike T. (Trainer)

"It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you these past 4 years. Your game is a memorable and pleasurable part of one of our workshops." — Auria (Training workshop facilitator)

"Our Fire Department purchased a copy of the Al Morale Game show and absolutely love it. We use it for training purposes.This game has made training fun and the guys look forward to it. We have competitions between the 3 shifts and keep score and at the end of the year the shift with the highest score receives a plaque." — Jeff (Asst. Fire Chief)

"The presentation was a success and the Game Show Presenter was great — everyone enjoyed the quiz and I had the whole room laughing. It was a great way to start the training session off!" — Jodi G. (trainer)

"I just purchased Game Show Presenter and I think it is great! This will be a big hit in our Safety Meetings." — Curt (Safety trainer)

"The software continues to be a great tool at my workshops and conference presentations. It does help participants assimilate taught material and makes group activities engaging for all. Even the shy folks seems to get excited and start participating." — James W. (Presenter)

"It is a big hit with my students." — Melanie (Real estate instructor)

"We love this software program. We just did training on a pretty boring topic (Individual Retirement Accounts) and everyone had fun, learning something and could apply it on the job." — Beth (training and education manager)

"Great game. I just bought it and love it." — Josh (Scientist)

"I've been using the Game Show for over two years at my current job and it's great." — Gabriel (Technology instructor)

"Clever and well conceived." — Marc (Consultant)

"We love the software!" — Karen (Chief Information Officer)

"I have found that your program is the best format for my students to retain information." — John (Career education trainer)

"LOVE the game. You did an awesome job." — Susan (Corporate trainer)

"It has provided a much needed solution to a problem I have been struggling with for weeks now - how to make an initial literacy and numeracy assessment fun and non-threatening for our youth-at-risk clients. I am confident this is exactly the tool that was needed." — Jeni (Youth Assessment and Job Training)

"This program has added another level of creativity and enthusiasm in planning for our corporate sales meeting." — Louise (Sales meeting trainer)

"I have to tell you that my students love your game. My job is to teach folks complex systems and software applications. Most of the material I teach is dry and boring. Al always seems to pep up the crowd. I discovered this software during a Human Computer Interaction course I was attending at my University. I love it and everyone who sees it loves it." — Donna (Technology educator)

"I love the program!" — Valerie (Hospital staff training)

"Great program. We did a game in front of 200 new medical residents called Medical Quality Jeopardy and they had a blast. The residents got very much into the competition." — Ed (Physican and professor)

"I really like the ease of using this program." — Judy T. (Medical trainer)

"I have had a lot of fun using Game Show Presenter during training sessions and general meetings." — Duane (Corporate trainer)

"It was a real hit with staff education." — Mary K. (Medical staff trainer)

"It was GREAT!!" — Julie (Sales trainer)

"Every class where I use your product, workshop participant evaluations are better. The important thing is that their retention of content is also much improved." — Mark (Business trainer)

"I've been using the Game Show Presenter for years and love it!" — Louise (Chief Learning Officer)

"Your game show is a 'hit' at our safety training courses. Those who have seen it, love it!" — Dave (Safety trainer)

"This is a very interesting and clever way to get a few points across."
— Pam (Sales presenter)

"Our department just purchased your product last week and executed it for the first time yesterday with a fantastic reception."
— Shannon (Training coordinator)

"Our 'Mystery Guest of Honor' game show, using Game Show Presenter, was a real hit. The program is so fun and easy to use — the possibilities are endless."
— Holly (Volunteer event planner)

"It's a wonderful product. Congratulations!" — Oscar (seminar presenter)

"Works like a charm." — Mike (Dealer trainer)

"We purchased your Game Show Presenter software to use at our holiday party and it was a huge success!" — Sheila, office manager

"I was blown away by how easy it was to create an engaging and truly entertaining quiz show segment for my audience." — Laura (Consultant)

"Used it for a training event. Awesome!!" — Roxy (Training event planner)

"It is so easy to use. In just a few hours I had three games setup... Employees actually learn (perhaps without knowing) while having fun." — Chuck (Safety trainer)

"It's wonderful! It brings a lot of fun to our learning environment." — Ron (Corporate trainer)

"Thanks again for your great product and great service!" — Julie (HR trainer)

"I purchased your Game Show Presenter software 3 months ago and have been using it for presentations and we have doubled our business! Thank you so much!" — Matt (President, small business)

"I absolutely love the software!" — Tricia (Trainer)

"I have found your product user friendly and fun." — Dianne (Director of educational services)

"It's a great and fun interactive game." — Cheryl (Marketing trainer)

"This software is a godsend. If you want to educate, impress or keep your team or audience with you during even the most dull presentations, Al and his quiz machine will do the job. It is intuitive and it is simple. A great, fun tool." — CNET User Review

"We love it. Love it, love it, love it!" — Palmira (Corporate trainer)

"Really had a great response to the quiz I created for my train-the-trainer session. They loved it and so did I. Thanks again for putting together such a great training tool!" — Jennifer (Association training consultant)

"I have recently purchased Game Show Presenter and I love it." — Bryan (Corporate training manager)

"We love your product and use it every chance we can. It hasn't become stale and teams look forward to the competition." — Ron (Corporate trainer)

"I have been using the Game Show Presenter for a little over a year, and people who attend my training classes love it." — Traci (Corporate trainer)

"My first client use of the quiz show was extremely well received yesterday. They loved it!" — Paulette (Sales trainer)

"We just used the Game Show Presenter today for our training and EVERYONE was impressed. We had the greatest time." — Pia (Help desk manager)

"We have had great response to the Game Show from our sales force." — Erick (Training designer)

"The program's ease of use is the best part!" — Therese (Business owner)

"Thank you so much. The game worked great." — Margaret (Corporate trainer)

"With an overwhelming positive response from the field, we would like to use your game show software again this year." — Christine (Compliance testing planner)

"Used this with great success to do employee training" — Rita (Director of education)

"I love this game show training software!! I didn't know what to do because I have to do this training every quarter and people were getting bored. That won't be the case any more! Thanks for making my presentations more interesting!" — Susan (Medical trainer)

"This is a hit! And a great value." — Joe (Trainer)

"My class LOVED the game show." — Candace (HR trainer)

"Your program is exactly what I was looking for. And great customer service." — Megan (Career services trainer)

"The CEO loved your software." — John (Financial trainer)

"I teach some pretty boring material and Al Morale helps to keep people interested." — Tim (Trainer)

"This software is top-notch. It gives you a chance to be funny and creative while providing worthwhile learning experiences." — versiontracker user review

"I work as an instructor in a nursing program and this game is going to be a hit with my students ... guaranteed!" — versiontracker user review (Trainer)

"The presentation on Equal Opportunity went great. They loved it " — Mike (Professional trainer)

"Just wanted to give you some feedback on my recent teambuilding retreat. In a word... OUTSTANDING! I did two serious planning sessions and in between I used Game Show Presenter as a team building exercise. It was a tremendous hit and a great change-of-pace for an otherwise intensive day. I have spent weeks in the past developing my own stuff. You made my preparation very easy for this one. I'm sure glad I ran across Game Show Presenter." — Lon (Sales trainer)

"This is perfect... I am wrapping up a training seminar and this will be an exciting way to get the point across to the class. Everything is working great!" — Hank (Trainer)

"Love your game show. Just a quick note to let you know how much this product has enhanced our recurrent training. We use the game show to review our work manual. Everyone gets involved and the feedback we've received has been wonderful." — Laura (Trainer)

"I recently purchased the Game Show Presenter software and absolutely love it!" — Ethriel (Instructional designer)

"I am very impressed!" — Mark (Training consultant)

"LOVE IT! This is going to be a GREAT way to give tests that are fun!"
— Cindy (Professional trainer)

"It's great!!"
— Kelly (Trainer)

"I did a training class last fall with Game Show Presenter and it was the most popular and well-received training class I have ever conducted!"
— Christina (Medical services training facilitator)

"Great software!"
— Jeff (Training coordinator)

"It's a great program... I love how user friendly it is."
— Kim (Training consultant)

"I love it, absolutely... and so do the participants in my training sessions! Do their eyes ever light up when they get to play!" — Dee (Training specialist)

"I love using this in my training sessions!"
— Michele (Sales trainer)

"I really think this software will be a great addition to our training program. We plan to use it in our New Employee Orientation."
— Charise (Training specialist)

"This program is the best I have seen."
— Jim (Corporate trainer)

"I just love it!"
— Debra (Customer service manager)

"I really enjoyed the software. It added a lot of enjoyment to the class I was conducting."
— Duane (Trainer)

"I recommend your program to all educators who want to be on the cutting edge, teach using a unique program, and assure maximum learning by their students."
— Richard (Real estate agent trainer)

"Great product!"
— Alan (Vocational trainer)

"My client loved it."
— Al (Training consultant)

"Al's comments, the settings and Gina (the supermodel) are humorous without crossing the line into stupid — a great achievement."
— Charlie (Corporate trainer)

"You have an incredible teaching tool.... great for course reviews right after lunch, which is normally a difficult time for instructors."
— Ian (Corporate trainer)

"I love the Al Morale Game Show software!"
— Clarice (Professional trainer)

"Loved your software! My boss and I looked like two geniuses. Lots of fun and we got rave reviews!"
— Ann (HR professional)

"The show works GREAT!!"
— Cindy (Bank Trainer)

"Your software is creative and easy to use, and your high service quality is refreshing."
— Tim (Trainer)

"My classes love it."
— Mike (Police Dept. Trainer)

"I've been using this program for the past year and a half, and it's ALWAYS gotten RAVE reviews."
— Katherine (Communications Specialist)

"This was a BIG hit at our tradeshow. Everything worked great!"
— Laurel (Exhibit planner)

"The game show has been a big hit at each of the conferences where we've used it. It has been very effective at grabbing people's attention as they walk past the booth. After they've played the game, it gives us an opportunity to explain who we are and what we do, and then give them some 'take aways' with our logo and website address. Great product." — Howard (Education design specialist)

"Love the software!" — Brian (Wedding DJ and entertainer)

"What a fabulous hit your game show software was at our small class reunion. It was truly memorable." — Cindee (Event planner)

"The show was a BIG HIT at our exhibit! I have been asked to take it to another exhibit because of people talking about it. Thanks!!!"
— Madalen (Exhibitor)

"It was a hit with young and old alike! We gave out apples to those that participated. We went through three bushels pretty quick."
— John (Agriculture exhibit planner)

"The game show was a big hit! People really enjoyed it. "
— Joceyln (Exhibitor)

"Al Morale was such a hit at the State Fair that we have it set up at the Welcome Center on the Interstate!"
— Mimi (Exhibitor)

"The Game Show has already made its debut in two separate meetings. It's working out great as a segue into a special topic."
— Kathy (Sales meeting planner)

"It's fantastic! Works like a charm. It's just what I was looking for."
— Louise (Exhibitor)

"I love your software and use it all the time."
— Ed (Professional event entertainer)

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