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    For Plus Edition:
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP: Pentium III, 128MB RAM
  • Macintosh OSX 10.5 or later, Intel Mac, 128 MB RAM
  • For all systems, you need a 800 x 600 or larger color monitor and 30 MB of disk space. Sound card and speakers are highly recommended.

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About These Comments:

Game Show Presenter has so many happy customers among trainers, educators and presenters, the list of testimonials grew too long! So we sorted the comments into separate pages:
Educators' Comments (See below)Trainers and Presenters' CommentsReviewers' Comments

EDUCATORS' comments:

"I have been using your training games since 2005 and love them in the classroom... They make such a difference in keeping college level students engaged by making learning fun. " — Judith (professor)

"The Game Show Plus is a great teacher tool and I recommend it to anyone who needs something extra to motivate students to learn." — Tom (Music teacher)

"It is the single most engaging piece of software I've ever used in the classroom. Kids simply love it!" — Mario C. (teacher)

"Thank you for developing a wonderfully creative and fun learning tool!"
— Bill D. (leadership teacher)

"Really enjoying the product. We've used it about 3 years now at student recruitment events and it's always a hit."
— Art C. (College recruiter)

"I teach Leadership and use the application in my class with great success." — Bill M. (college educator)

"May I say that your Game Show program is a total hit with my Computer Science students. My students have found your software interesting, engaging and memorable. It is the memorable part that means the most to me. I use your software to prepare students for midterms and final exams and it is very effective." — Ted C. (College instructor)

"The truth is that for students with low attention spans, your game show is a godsend. It keeps them focused long enough to get the material into their minds. Great product." — John Beasley (Vocational trainer)

"My students just love the end of the year game show. I can't think of a better way to wrap things up! Thank you for a great product." — Ms. B. (Writing instructor)

"I teach high school English and I use the program often to review my students for their tests. They love reviewing this way, and I love the way it helps me reinforce learning." — Melanie (High school English teacher)

"This is an awesome product. I teach third grade and have created/used many similar programs including those using PowerPoint and Excel. The program (Game Show Presenter PLUS) is worth every bit of money. It has all the necessary features and options to make it very useful for my classroom." — Tray (Teacher)

"Game Show Presenter has really helped my students. Their tests have improved, and it's a great motivator as well. Thanks!" — Tonya W. (Educator)

"I am a teacher who has purchased Game Show Plus and Game Show Presenter. I love them!" — Marlene (Teacher)

"I have used this training game for a few years and my students LOVE it." — Tony (Teacher)

"Kudos to you... You are helping students continent wide to learn in a fun way." — Theresa (Teacher)

"My students and I enjoy your Game Show Presenter Plus Edition. Thanks for a superb program." — Rich L. (Teacher)

"I love the program. I think that I probably had as much fun creating my own games as the kids will have playing them."
— Cindy (Teacher)

"The product is a great piece of work —- use it a lot with my graduate students and at conferences. Now headed to use it to teach at medical school."
— Mark (University professor)

"Teachers will have fun with this program. Use it when you want to motivate students; it's well worth the price."
— Amelia (Teacher)

"I'm thrilled with the program. Absolutely love it!"
— Fran (Teacher)

"My adult students love this program!"
— Lori (Vocational instructor)

"LOVE IT! It's fun and easy to set up."
— Barbara (Pharmacology educator)

"We have really enjoyed the Game Show Presenter and use it in a wide variety of our presentations and workshops."
— Mark (Learning center manager)

"I think the program is very beneficial to my students. I find that the Game Show Presenter software keeps the students engaged during reviews."
— Natalie (Educator)

"We use it in class all the time. I have made many shows for vocabulary practice as well as science and math. It is a huge hit and I am thrilled I bought it!"
— Judi (Elementary school teacher)

"I used the program with my 8th Grade U.S. History classes today and they absolutely loved it! Thanks for a great program!"
— Kris (Educator)

"The kids just loved the game. And these are high schoolers that are too cool for most stuff... you know how they are. Many said it was the best way to review for a test they have ever seen in the school. Actually had a few of them ask me today if we were going to do it again soon!"
— Tim (Vocational teacher)

"A terrific program. My medical class just loved it."
— Steve (Medical educator)

"I LOVE IT! My high school students love it. I am still excited about it. It is very teacher friendly and definitely held my workshop audience attention. We got excellent to good ratings on the workshop using the game show."
— Elizabeth (High school teacher)

"Thank you for creating such a great product. I am a business student and use the program when required to give presentations to my classmates. Everytime I use it I my professors and classmates give me so many compliments on a great presentation. It makes the presentation interactive and fun."
— Renee (College student)

"What a riot your app is. You've got a VERY cool thing going on with it. Kudos."
— Desiree (Instructional designer)

"Thanks for creating a program I've been looking for!"
— Mary (Teacher)

"My classes loved the show and can't wait to try it on buzzer mode. It is a great product."
— Ralph (Library/media specialist)

"My first experience using Game Show Presenter: I hooked up my ThinkPad to my LCD projector and started the program, as I was looking at my laptop screen I suddenly heard, what I thought was a huge scuffle, but what I was actually hearing was the commotion of 18 chairs being rearranged so that they could get closer to the activity! I'll never forget that day. I thank you for that :)"
— Lisa (Algebra teacher)

"The kids in my classroom love the program."
— Susan (Teacher)

"I'm showing off your software to other teachers and they love it! So do I and so do my students."
— Sue (Teacher)

"Tried the program for the first time today and the children loved it."
— Clay (Teacher)

"I love your game show and so do the kids."
— Terry (High school teacher)

"My students love the game show format for review.... I already use several other similar software titles, but yours is outstanding!"
— Pam (Computer teacher)

"The students LOVED the pharmacology game show!"
— Jim (EMS Instructor)

"I really think this software is great. I am trying this approach in my labs; trying to make learning fun. This may be just what I needed to do this."
— Marsha (Professor)

"I love the program!!!"
— Todd (Teacher)

"Al Morale's Game Show Presenter is a great piece of software."
— Ann (High school science teacher)

"Something that can actually hold the attention of these kids is quite unique, so I am really impressed."
— Jon (Science teacher)

"My students love it as a review for quizzes and tests."
— Mark (High school math teacher)

"The program is just too totally, awesomely cool!"
— Kathleen (Career education teacher)

"The game was incredibly easy to set-up. We really do love your game and I know the classes will enjoy it more than a traditional lecture."
— Lori (University Information Librarian)

"It's so much fun, and a great review tool."
— Neil (Middle School teacher)

"The program has functioned exceedingly well as an instructional tool, an effective review option, and as a legitimate evaluation method for my students."
— Eric (High school teacher)

"Game Show Presenter is an entertaining, well-designed program that provides a method for quizzing students in any subject area. Easy to use and quick to set up, questions are entered with multiple-choice answers, which in turn allow students to be quizzed in a game show format. This is a great tool to provide a study format with a little pizzazz." — Homeschooling Parent magazine (August, 2003)

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