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    For Plus Edition:
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP: Pentium III, 128MB RAM
  • Macintosh OSX 10.5 or later, Intel Mac, 128 MB RAM
  • For all systems, you need a 800 x 600 or larger color monitor and 30 MB of disk space. Sound card and speakers are highly recommended.

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Game Show Presenter has so many happy customers among trainers, educators and presenters, the list of testimonials got too long! So we sorted the comments into separate pages:
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Game Show Presenter is a popular tool for trainers, educators and presenters in many fields (insurance, finance, higher education, corporate training, medical, vocational training, K-12 and more). Here's what reviewers and others had to say about it:

5 Stars! "Wake up your audience! Review your key points or details in a customized game show presentation." — Business Software's highest honor: "Game Show Presenter is a fantastic tool for training... I have seen different training companies try to simulate game show environments using Excel and other half-baked ideas, but Game Show Presenter puts the power of good training into everyone's hands. This is one of those investments that is worth every single penny." —

"Game Show Presenter quiz software will put fun into any presentation. Create multiple-choice quizzes on any topic and let the game show begin. The end result should increase audience participation no matter how dry the subject." — Presentations Magazine (May, 2002)

"Game Show Presenter makes job training fun. How dull are training sessions? So boring that... (you fill in the blank). Game Show Presenter is a great program for changing that." — On Computers columnist Bob Schwabach (April, 2003)

"You'll have to pony up your own fabulous prizes, but smooth-talking Al Morale gives you everything else you need to run a flashy, interactive game show. Ideal for classrooms, kiosks, or otherwise boring corporate training sessions, Game Show Presenter helps you build customized quizzes in a fun, memorable format. The app can handle up to 10 players at a time, keeping score, randomizing questions, and providing all-important comic relief thanks to Al Morale." — CNET

"This software is top-notch. It gives you a chance to be funny and creative while providing worthwhile learning experiences." — versiontracker user review

"The Game Show Presenter is a presentation software that encourages seminar attendee interaction with the seminar presenters, and subject matter retention by presenting it as a funny, TV-style quiz show. The Game Show Presenter really helped in making our seminars a success because it helped make somewhat tedious material fun to learn. It is an effective training game for reviewing information presented during the seminar. The Game Show Presenter has easy to follow steps for set-up and personalizing each game to fit your needs." — Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Exemplary Practices summary (Sept., 2004)

"Game Show Presenter is an entertaining, well-designed program that provides a method for quizzing students in any subject area. Easy to use and quick to set up, questions are entered with multiple-choice answers, which in turn allow students to be quizzed in a game show format. This is a great tool to provide a study format with a little pizzazz." — Homeschooling Parent magazine (August, 2003)

"A great way to get people's attention and keep it." — Chez Mark, software reviewer

"I like Game Show Presenter and see a number of uses for it as a communications tool, such as health and safety training, orientation of new employees, interactive kiosks, and more. I plan to recommend it to a client that wants to orient new employees..." From review by Bob Abbott, Abbott's Communication Letter

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