12 Top Gift Ideas for Bosses and The Office Gift Exchange

These gift ideas for bosses, clients, co-workers and the office gift exchange will put fun into a task that is usually a bore-chore! Below are 12 fun gift ideas for workplace gifts. All are fun and budget-friendly! So dive in to the 2015 Fun Gift Guide for Office Gifts. (This site earns small advertising fees from the sellers if you make a purchase starting from links on this page, so thanks for starting here!) Also, see the Holiday Office Gift Guide.

1. Splat Balls! Greatest stress balls ever

Wow! Now that cheered me up! I just slammed a squishy smiley face ball as hard as I could onto the floor, and it went into a 2-dimensional splat, like an egg, then slowly regrouped itself into a perfect ball shape again! Then, it sat there smiling back at me, as if to say, "Hey! Do that again!" Gotta love this and all the great Splat stress balls Get a dozen of them and you'll be the hit of the party.

2. Fun Works

Great book for bosses!"Fun Works -- Creating Places Where People Love to Work" by Leslie Yerkes.

Help your boss or co-workers make work fun for both of you. This new book dives deep into the work ethic mindsets that trap us into thinking fun is at best an add-on to the work day. The author offers lots of fun examples of real companies that make fun work. She also explains the how and why of integrating fun into your workplace. Order from Amazon.com for just $13.75.

3. Stress Ball Extravaganza!

gift stress ball backStress Ball Assortment contains 25 colorful stress balls for just $14.99! You get a big stress-reducing savings by buying them in bulk. Wake up your holiday celebration, meetings and training sessions with a box or two of these beauties. Office Playground.)

4. Instant Excuse Balls and other Fortune Balls

Excuse Ball for Office GiftSomebody took the Magic 8 Ball concept and made it practical! This bright blue ball serves up excuses on-demand so you'll never be at a loss for why your homework got lost. Office Playground has a variety of Fortune Balls that serve up your choice of sarcasm, Freudian analysis, love notes, and affirmations. Check them out at Office Playground

5. Wind-Up Desk Toys

Office Gift Idea: Wind-up desk toysWind-UP Desk Toys From smiley guys to pirates, racing grannies to bumper cars, check out the hilarious wind-up desk toys available at great prices from Office Playground

6. Sports Mini-Ball Collection

Gift exchange stress ballsSatisfy the sports maniac in your office with this assortment of a dozen stress balls shaped as 4 types of sports mini-balls. There's a football, basketball, baseball and soccer ball. If your co-worker is always tossing sports cliches at you, here's your chance to score with a brilliant gift move. And at just $8.99 for a dozen stress balls, you can't lose! Office Playground

7. How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication

This book is a great gift for a dog's best friend. Amazon reviewer give it a big thumbs up, so your dog-loving co-worker or boss will love it, too. As an added bonus, it's available in three formats -- paperback, hardback and Kindle editions -- so you can find the one that works best. Cost around $10.

9. The Levity Effect:Why It Pays to Lighten Up

Fun in the workplace is profitable"The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up" By Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher (Order for just $15.61 at Amazon.com)

Office humor raises morale and profits, according to this new book by two motivational consultants. Writer Gostick says, "We define levity as more of a lightness, more being fun than being funny." So don't worry that this book requires you to be Jerry Seinfeld in addition to your regular duties. The book provides examples from companies such as Lego America, Google, Whole Foods. Benefits of a fun workplace include higher employee loyalty, health benefits, stress reduction and more.

10. Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

Here's a gift that may help everybody feel good. It's a fun treatment of a serious subject: workplace morale. This hardcover book gives your boss or co-workers insights and inspiration for how to improve office morale. A great gift to help start the new year with a fresh outlook! Order from Amazon.com for discount price of just $13.59.

11. Bunches of Boss Gift ideas!

For the Boss! The Boss is the toughest one to buy for. Until now. Because here's a wide range of fun items on a page that is all about boss gift ideas! Best of all, you don't need a raise to buy these!

12. The all-purpose gift answer:

all-purpose giftAmazon.com Gift Cards are good for a huge selection of merchandise. Choose the card amount starting as low as $10. Fast, easy and always a welcome gift.

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