Downloadable Al Morale!

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Need a fun gift? Need it fast? Put Al Morale on the job! Here's what you'll get:

Same-day delivery and no shipping costs! Downloadable Al Morale is just $14.95!

Hilarious software gift: Al Morale, the virtual yes man and lackey, agrees with everything you say, praises your ideas, raves about your work and laughs at your jokes!

The downloadable gift version of Al Morale is the fastest way to give a boss, co-worker, friend or yourself a big dose of comic relief. Al Morale is a popular software sidekick who speaks nearly 150 lines of funny flattery, kudos and work reviews. Here is how Al works and what our customers say about Al.

Al makes a great gift. He's fast. He's funny. And he works cheap. You can give him as a downloadable gift for same-day delivery for only $14.95.

Order Now! Get downloadable Al Morale for just $14.95! For downloadable gift delivery details, see below.

Downloadable gift delivery -- How does it work?:

1) Click the PURCHASE button above to place an online order for Al Morale, the virtual yes man and lackey.

2) Near the bottom of the order form, check the box "Email gift announcement" then use the next space to type the email address of the person to receive the gift. (If you are buying more than one copy of Al, you can type an email for each gift recipient.)

3) When we receive your order, we email the gift announcement to the email address you provided. We send your gift announcement the same day, and often the same hour that you place the order. But due to spam filtering, it is possible your gift recipient will not see our message, so be sure to check with them. (You will also receive a separate order confirmation email from our e-commerce vendor.)

4) When your gift recipient gets the announcement, he or she clicks a link in the email to enter the download page. From there, the Windows version is ready for download and the fun begins!

Al Morale system requirements:

  • Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, or NT4
  • A sound card and Pentium 166 or faster, color monitor, 32 MB RAM and 11 MB hard disk space.

What you get with the download version:

  • A single-user copy of the full version with all Al's features and 150 lines of flattery and fun.
  • If you choose Gift Download delivery, we send a gift announcement email to your gift recipient so they can download Al Morale!

The fine print: Downloadable version is a single-user license.

The buzz on Al Morale:

"Sensational!!!" -- Jim

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