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It's Al's job to shower YOU with praise. But once in a while, Al screws up and gets some praise himself.

Try not to hold it against him.

Comments from Al's many bosses:

"I can't tell you how many times Al made my day! It's really hard to remain stressed out when someone lavishes praise all over you!" -- Deborah

''I got the full Al Morale -- it's GREAT! It cracks me up totally.'' -- Mike

''Al Morale was a HUGE hit at my office.'' -- Sally

"I love AL! He is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time!" -- Lysa

''Cool and funny. Made me laugh constantly throughout my boring work day.'' -- Sasha

''Very cool and funny!'' -- Eric

''Very nifty.'' -- Nick

''I am looking forward to endless hours working with Al and getting his honest opinion on all of my projects!'' -- Jeff

"It's a real pleasure dealing with an online company that has such excellent customer service!" -- Jim

''He's great! Keeps me smiling!'' -- Maria

''My friend loved Al!'' -- Cathy (who gave Al as a gift)

''Thanks for making me laugh daily! Al just cracks me up!'' -- Sue

''Al is great!'' -- Jay

''He's such a scream!!'' -- Kathie

"Al is the man! There is something about him that makes me feel like a genius!" -- Phil

"Your software is great and funny."-- Eyal

"Sensational!!!" -- Jim

''It is almost impossible to keep from laughing with Al around. He is great for my morale. When I need a good laugh to get me back in a good mood, he is often just the thing.'' -- Dr. Frisch

''A real HOOT!'' -- Paul

''What a riot!! Everyone in the neighboring cubicles thinks it's hysterical. I even e-mailed a copy of the demo to my boss and he busted out laughing.'' -- Matt

''He's *so* much fun! hehehehehehe'' -- Kate

''Just received my Al Morale (2.0) and love it!'' -- Linda

''A great program and a great idea.'' -- Alvin

"Al is great!!!!!" -- Greg

''Man, is he cool!'' -- Pat

''I just LOVE Al Morale!'' -- Daisy

''I received 'Al' for my birthday and think it's a hoot. Great product.'' -- Charles

''We have had Al for about 3 months and enjoy his ad libs immensely. Thanks for the laughs!'' -- Denis

''I need AL!'' -- Don

''I want to hire him now!!!!'' -- Gary

''I love the program. Very funny and it works well on slower machines!'' -- Brian

''This is a fantastic product! Much better and more satisfying than any Microsoft Office Assistant ever dreamed of being!'' -- Wink

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