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Game Show Buzzer Ideas and FAQ:

What is a buzzer lockout system? Buzzer lockouts determine which player in a game show "buzzed-in" first. When players race to answer a question by hitting buzzer buttons, the system shows who buzzed first and locks out the late buzzers. Quiz buzzer systems usually include lights and a buzzer sound effect, so they add to the game show atmosphere as well as functionality. Some systems are wireless (more expensive), some use buzzer buttons wired to a control box and others wire the buzzer units directly to the USB port on your computer. The newest thing is an iPAD app that can interface with the software as a buzzer lockout system (see story at right).

Who sells professional game show buzzer systems that are compatible with Game Show Presenter software? (See the bullet list of vendors above.)

How does a quiz buzzer system work with Game Show Presenter software? Here's a description of how it works.

What is the lowest cost buzzer solution? The cheapest thing we've heard about is to buy the board game "Quizzard" on ebay. We haven't seen anything cheaper than that. But we have seen a lot that is better, which you can read about on this page.

If I am handy with tools and electronics, can I build my own game show buzzer system? Absolutely! Here is a page all about DIY buzzer projects

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Game Show Buzzer Lockout Systems

Game Show Presenter software supports buzz-in competition using many different buzzer lockout systems. Our software does not require a buzzer system. But game show buzzers definitely add excitement to your activity. So we designed Game Show Presenter software (trial version here) to work with many buzzer systems.

Game show buzzer ideas, buzzer news and resources are on this page to help you find out about buzzer lockout systems and the companies that sell them. Also, for those who are handy, here's a new page dedicated to do-it-yourself DIY buzzer projects.

Test Drive: New Big Daddy Wireless Buzzers

Our new Game Show Presenter video channel debuts with this test drive of new Big Daddy wireless Buzzers

More Buzzer News:

table-top team has once again lived up to its name with another breakthrough price on buzzers. This time, it's new wireless table-top buzzers at an introductory price of $49.95 per buzzer. Playfully dubbed "Big Daddy", the new buzzer system is designed for team play scenarios with large, standout buttons that are easy to share with a team.

Watch the video above to see these buzzers in action with the Game Show PLUS software. Here's a summary of the features we liked best about these buzzers:

  • Very easy setup
  • Works out of the box with Game Show Presenter (PLUS and Classics)
  • Solid construction and smart design
  • Wireless range of at least 30 feet. (We tested these up to 40 feet.)
  • Great price. Flexible quantity ordering.
  • Comes with extras: tote bag, basic software, buzzer batteries included

New buzzers, new apps, a new blog, and a new website... there's a whole lot that's new from Groupics, a Norfolk, VA company that's an old-hand in the buzzer business. The updated PickMe!Play Apps enable your PC and Mac to be the hub for wireless buzz-in using the PickMeBuzzer apps for iPads, iPhones and Anroid devices. Use the free PickMe!Play app on your desktop computer so Game Show Presenter can receive the buzz-in signals from your players using their mobile devices.

The new 2-player wireless buzzer systems come in four colors options and are great for professional installations. There same type of big, colorful button is also available in a wired USB form. Check the site for price and availability. (Custom wireless systems using these nice buttons are also an option.)

The handheld USB buzzers that this company has sold to tons of Game Show Presenter customers have been updated and renamed the "PickMe! USB Handheld Buzzer."

Get all the details on these products at the new web site,,

The low-cost Eggspert buzzer system (list price about $50) is popular with elementary schools and works great with Game Show Presenter. The system features six buzz-in buttons wired to a colorful lightboard that shows who will get to give an answer. Each button has a different color, so teachers can use those colors as player names in Game Show Presenter. Eggspert has two modes of play that can both be used with Game Show Presenter, but keep in mind this system does not directly connect to the computer to control the software. The teacher controls Game Show Presenter simply by pressing the corresponding key for the team whose light is on. (Example: when team 2's light is on on the Eggspert selector board, press the "2" key and the answer will automatically apply to team 2's score.) The Eggspert buzzers are available from many online sources, including Amazon. Eggspert is for younger children; a more rugged buzzer is recommended for adults and older kids.

quiz buzzers in Jeopardy style gameBodine Training Games LLC's PLUS Edition of Game Show Presenter adds the buzzer options for even more control over game show buzzers. The quiz show software has a variable countdown timer (select between 0-30 seconds) and a buzz-in delay (also 0-30 seconds). The buzz-in delay solves the problem of players who buzz in before they read the question. When the delay is on, no buzz-ins are accepted. When buzzers are directly connected to Game Show Presenter, the software even applies a 2-second penalty to any player who does buzz in during the delay period. That prevents players from holding down their buzz button in order to be first when the delay ends.

Also new in Game Show Presenter is support for more than one guess per question. If the first guess is wrong, other players can buzz in. You also have the option to have Game Show Presenter reduce the points available for a question each time it is answered wrong. For example, if the question started out worth 500 points and the first guess was wrong, the question is now worth 250 points. With each wrong answer, the point value is reduced by half.

There is a no cost trial version of the PLUS Edition that lets you try out all the buzzer features described above, plus add pictures and sounds to quiz questions, create category-style quiz boards, and more.

Buzzer System Vendors:

The following companies make buzzer lockout systems that may help you create a game show experience for your players. We contacted each of the following vendors and asked them to evaluate how Game Show Presenter software works with their products.

  • In keeping with its name, Affordable Buzzers offers quiz game buzzer systems at a price point attractive to all markets including homes, schools, church and community groups as well as professional trainers and entertainers. Now in its fourth year of operation, Affordable Buzzers is holding the price of its flagship product, the 10 Player Hand-Held Buzzer System, at the original introductory price of $199. The redesigned 10 Team Table-Top Buzzer System offers "Big Daddy" buzzers that are nearly 5" wide for easy sharing among teammates to accommodate a room full of players. Either system works out of the box with Game Show Presenter and only one USB connection is required with your computer. Rugged construction stands up to rough play by all age groups. A large carry sack is included with either system to keep components together and protected both in storage and in transit.

    Web: or
    Email: sales (AT)
    Phone: 1-267-893-7452

  • (Groupics): Sporting a completely updated product line for 2012, offers a full range of options and many years of experience in the buzzer fields. New and updated buzzer products include the wired handheld USB buzzers, wireless PickMe! buttons, big USB wired buzzers in assorted colors and the PickMe! buzzer apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
    Blog: PickMe! Play blog
    Contact: through web form
    Phone: (877) 872-2899
  • Eggspert Buzzer System Low-cost system for up to 6 players or teams is popular with elementary schools.
    Web: Available from various retailers, including Amazon

  • ESL Buzzer Game System Wired quiz buzzer lock systems that connect via USB.

  • Rolls GS 76 Buzzer System: A standalone buzzer system that is small and simple to use. (It does not communicate directly with Game Show Presenter, but it turns on a light so you can see which team or player buzzed in first, then you press that team's number key on the computer keyboard.) This product is sold on
    Web: Rolls GS 76

  • SVBZ Quiz Buzzers: "Quiz buzzers for academic competitions, business events, family fun, classroom excitement!"
    Email: svbz (AT)

  • Trainer's Warehouse: "Trainer's Warehouse produces the colorful and affordable Who's First? buzzer system in both wired and wireless models."
    Email: info (AT)
    Phone: 1-800-299-3770

  • Zeecraft Tech.: "Makers of numerous buzzer systems and many accessories since 1975." (Note that the Challenger PC and the Challenger Mac products are not compatible with Game Show Presenter.)
    Email: zeecraft (AT)
    Phone: 1-800-662-7475

Quiz Bowl and Buzzer System Vendors: If your have a buzzer system that is compatible with our Game Show Presenter software, let us know so we can add you to this page! Contact us if you have questions about how to be compatible or need a trial version for testing.

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