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"Gamification" is a new buzzword for an old idea -- make a game out of learning. For 11 years, we've been helping trainers, educators and presenters do that with tools that turn dry, mind-numbing material and drills into game-show style challenges. Below are case studies and user stories to demonstrate the use of games to promote active learning and full engagement.

learning game Guidance Counselor Uses Game Show to Hold Students' Attention: The video-game generation can be a tough audience. But this elementary school counselor gets even "squirmy students" to pay attention with a game show in guidance class. Active Learning with Game Show Helps Class Prep for Final: How an impersonal, big lecture class was turned into a fun active learning experience to help college freshman prepare for a final exam.
Helping Adult Learners Prepare for State Exam: Game-style reviews help adult learners at Brevard Contractor's School relax, build confidence and help each other prepare for high-stakes exam.

Game Show Presenter Motivates Students to Learn Music: A music teacher in a rural school describes the challenges of teaching students who have become demotivated. He is finding regular quizzes with Game Show Presenter are making a difference.

Game Show helps teacher capture attention of students: A teaching intern finds a way to capture the attention of a class that is very enthusiastic about trying new things.
Game Show-Style Class Presentation Scores: Four students team up to make their communications class project a hit by topping off a ho-hum topic with a lively game show review. Fully Engaged Trainees for Compliance Training: A director of corporate eLearning tells how a training presentation created excitement and fully engaged trainees.

EMS, Police and Crisis Response Training: A trainer tells how he motivates and trains occupationally diverse classes with challenging fun.

Do you have a story to tell about using our software to help people pay attention and learn? Contact us about your story, case study idea or testimonial. You can write it yourself, or we can have a writer interview you. Here's how to contact us: Bodine Training Games LLC.

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