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Game Show-Style Class Presentation Scores

By Cami Nelson et al

In our communication class, we were assigned to give a 20-25 minute presentation, and we were required to find a way to get the whole class involved. One of the members of our team found the Al Morale Game Show Presenter PLUS Edition. The format of the game show was simple to use and provided a great tool for us busy college students. We were able to make a big impact without a lot of time in preparation.

"We were able to make a big impact without a lot of time in preparation."

We presented our information and then had the game of "Communication Jeopardy". We feel using this method made the audience pay attention to our presentation because they knew they would be asked to recall what was taught. The game show program was very easy to use and added an element of fun to what could have been a hum-drum presentation.

During the presentation, our classmates became excited as we set out different "buzzers" for each team. Our original plan was to read the questions and the answers and then have the teams try to answer. We were only able to read part of the first question, and then they were too eager to answer and play the game. Everyone was super impressed and enjoyed our presentation. Many, including the instructor said, "We set the bar high." Overall, this is a great program for captivating an audience and having them participate versus just your typical speaking-only presentation.

Thank you for having such a great program that made our presentation fun for all involved!

College student Cami Nelson was part of a four-member class project incorporating the game show concept into a communications course assignment

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