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Guidance Counselor Uses Game Show to Hold Students' Attention

By Angie Shelton

school counselor uses game show with classesI have been looking all year for a Jeopardy-style game that would be exciting, interactive, and capture the attention of all elementary students. Good luck, huh?

"This fast-paced game was just what I needed to keep the attention of sometimes squirmy students."

Well, not so fast. The Game Show Presenter PLUS Edition fit the bill perfectly. I am a school counselor for a K-5 population of about 350 students. I go to each classroom every week and what a challenge it is to find fun, exciting ways to capture the student's attention. With the game show from Bodine Training Games LLC, I have found that every student is paying attention and can’t wait until it is their turn to give an answer. I usually do my lesson one week and then have a Jeopardy-style presentation the next week. My classes are thirty minutes long and that is perfect for using the games. I have one classroom evaluation left for this school year and I am so confident in the game show’s ability to keep students' attention and teach valuable lessons that I plan on having my administrator come to a game session for my last evaluation.

The students now stop me in the hall and ask me if they can play the game during the next Guidance class. With the entertaining music and vocal hosts, the kids were instantly hooked, and I have to admit, so was I. This fast-paced game was just what I needed to keep the attention of sometimes squirmy students. They have asked for us to play the game over and over, even though they already know all the answers. The games are easy to develop and are simple to use during class. I am so happy to have found this product.

Angie Shelton is a guidance counselor in Greenville city schools.

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