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Can a game transform a dry presentation or class review into an engaging, interactive challenge that will hold attention? Yes! By making it as easy as watching a TV game show where the questions are all about your presentation topic. Thousands of presenters, trainers and teachers use this activity to engage people's attention. It's fun, challenging and it keeps the focus on your subject matter. There's even a tool called Game Show Presenter that helps you get these results.

"Game Show Presenter enabled us to take a very dry subject and make it a ton of fun!"
— Mike T. (training presenter)

Game Show Presenter software lets you make customizable game shows presentations for all kinds of uses: meeting presentations, training presentations, sales training, classroom reviews, orientations, customer service training, leadership activities, fun fundraiser events and as an icebreaker. It's easy to use. You can make a game show presentation just by adding questions about your topic to the show and choosing a few options.

The presentation ideas below are all based on this game show presentation template that you can easily customize to fit your topic. You can learn more here. Now, on to the ideas!

3 Classic Games

#1 Categories
#2 Team game
#3 Who Wants to Know?

Meeting Presentation Ideas:

  • Meetings that introduce new products often involve learning lots of features and benefits. Motivate people to remember the details with a Name That Feature game show. Write a quiz that describes the feature, then players must name that feature from the multiple-choice list. (Presentation Tip: For lengthy sessions, you can break up your Powerpoint presentation by using a game show every hour or two to review key points and energize people.
  • Sleepy staff meetings? Make them fun with a staff trivia game show that features fun trivia facts about staff (hobbies, pet names, past achievements, etc.)
  • Add fun to orientations. Help people relax and absorb your information with an orientation game show that reviews basic things you want everyone to know. It's a fun, friendly way to drive home your points.
    "A great tool at my workshops and conference presentations... Even the shy folks start participating."
    — James W. (Presenter)

    Training Presentation Ideas:

  • Use a two-prong approach for effective training sessions. First, open the session with a game show that simply aims to assess the level of knowledge in your audience. The show will wake them up while giving you a feel for your audience. After the opening show, give people a big motivator to pay attention closely. Announce there will be a second game show at the end of the day with questions all based on the training presentation.
  • Motivate people to return promptly after a break by announcing there will be a game show and a chance to win prizes.

    School Presentation Ideas:

  • Weekly Classroom Reviews Thousands of teachers reward and motivate learning in their classroom with a fun, weekly review in a game show format. It's an active way for students to reinforce and apply what they've learned.
  • Exam Preparation Tension and stress starts to build as big exams approach. Using a fun way to prepare for that exam helps students and educators. This form of playful review has been used to help people prepare of all kinds of exams, including professional certifications, final exams and many more.
  • Who Wants To Be a Kid? For this game show concept, let students write the questions and teachers be the contestants in a game show that would be great fun for a school assembly or PTA fundraiser. Kids will love making teachers squirm with trivia about current fads and fashions, TV shows, boy bands, sports statistics, etc.

    Reunion Ideas:

  • Present a quiz show to see who remembers the most about the places, trends and events of past times.
  • Do a little research to learn the interesting things people have gone on to do, then make a quiz show based on the info. It will be a great ice breaker event.
    "It gives a new twist to the ho hum PowerPoint presentation!"
    — Eddy (educator)

    Icebreaker Ideas:

  • Make a trivia quiz game show based on what people in your group have in common.
  • If people have come to an event from out of town, base a game show on the destination. It's a good conversation starter.

    Office Party Ideas:

  • Take your next office party or event to the next level with a trivia game show that's all about your business, customers or workforce. This brings excitement and fun to your event, and helps break the ice.

    Great concept, but how do I do this?

    We make presentation software that makes this easy to do with your Windows or Mac computer. You just use our template to add your questions and answers to the games and you are ready to roll! The program adds the music, sound effects and all the rest. For 14 years, we've been helping presenters, trainers and educators make their topics more engaging. And this year we've come out with our best value yet for this type of software. It's the Classics edition of Game Show Presenter. "Classics" because this one program contains the three most popular game show formats with trainers, presenters and educators.

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