Watch as a game turns a dry subject into a fun learning activity!

Fun = Focus!


It's easier than you think!

Our brains love fun

Fun grabs our attention. Play opens our minds. For 16 years, we've applied those truths to make customizable presentation games for people like you — people who train, teach or present. Sometimes you are faced with a sleepy, distracted or demotivated audience. That's where we can help! Our big idea is to use fun to focus people's attention onto your subject in the form of a challenging game. It works!

How does it work? You take your review questions about the topic and present them in a TV quiz show format.  The result is an amazing way to energize your group with a fun, focused activity. People in your class or audience will feel like they are involved in a TV show. Yet the focus of their attention is right where you need it... on your subject!

Game Show Presenter software makes it easy to accomplish this for all kinds of presentation needs:

  • meeting presentations
  • compliance training
  • sales training workshops
  • classroom and pre-test reviews
  • safety training sessions
  • orientations for new employees, students or volunteers
  • customer service training
  • leadership activities
  • fundraiser events
  • special event icebreakers

The presentation ideas below give specific suggestions. They are all based on this game show presentation template that you can easily customize to fit your topic. 

Meeting Presentation Ideas:

Meetings that introduce new products often involve learning lots of features and benefits. Motivate people to remember the details with a Name That Feature game show. Write a quiz that describes the feature, then players must name that feature from the multiple-choice list. (Presentation Tip: For lengthy sessions, you can break up your Powerpoint presentation by using a game show every hour or two to review key points and energize people.

"Your game show software was a complete success for our quarterly meeting!"

— Maricruz P., Event planner

Sleepy staff meetings? Wake everyone up with a staff trivia game show that features fun trivia facts about staff (hobbies, pet names, past achievements, etc.) Even a game with as few as three questions can provide a great morale boost and set an upbeat tone for the day.

Add fun to orientations. Help people relax and absorb your information with an orientation game show that reviews basic things you want everyone to know. It's a fun, friendly way to reinforce your detailed information.

Training Presentation Ideas:

Use a two-prong approach for effective training sessions. First, open the session with a short game show that simply aims to assess the level of knowledge of your audience. The show will wake them up while giving you a feel for your audience. After the opening show, motivate people to pay attention closely by announcing there will be a second game show at the end of the presentation. Closing your session with a game will generate excitement as it drives home your important points.

"I have used the Game Show Presenter for several years for our safety meetings and the guys LOVE it! A fun way to present safety info. in new ways."

— Brigid K., safety coordinator

Classroom Presentation Ideas:

Weekly Classroom Reviews — Thousands of teachers reward and motivate learning in their classroom with a fun, weekly review in a game show format. It's an active way for students to reinforce and apply what they've learned.

Exam Preparation — Tension and stress start to build as big exams approach. Using a fun way to prepare for exams helps students and educators. This form of playful review has been used to help people prepare of all kinds of exams, including professional certifications, final exams and grade-level achievement tests.

"Game Show Presenter has really helped my students. Their test scores have improved and it's a great motivator."

— Tonya W., educator

Who Wants To Be a Kid? — This game show concept is great for a school assembly or PTA fund-raiser. Let students write the questions about things kids love and have teachers be the contestants. Kids will love making teachers squirm with trivia about current fads and fashions, technology, TV shows and movies, boy bands, sports stats, etc.

Reunion and Event Ideas:

Create a quiz show presentation to see who remembers the most about the places, trends and events of past times. 

Do a little research to learn the interesting things people have gone on to do, then make a quiz show based on the info. It will be a great ice-breaker event.

"Our Mystery Guest of Honor game show, using Game Show Presenter, was a real hit. The program is so fun and easy to use... the possibilities are endless."

— Holly, volunteer event planner

Office Party Ideas:

Take your office party or event to the next level with a creative trivia game show. Make it all about your business, customers or workers. This brings excitement and fun to your event, and helps break the ice.

"Our party was a hit, especially the Feud-style game (Team Showdown)."

— Bruce B., Office manager

Great concept, but how do I do this?

We make presentation game show software that makes this easy to do with your Windows or Mac computer. You just use our template to add your questions and answers to the games and you are ready to roll! The program adds the graphics, music, sound effects and keeps score. We have thousands of customers who use this regularly to improve their meetings, events and classes. So use the buttons below to take the next step and you'll be on your way to making your next class or meetings an upbeat, fun and effective learning event!


  • “Game Show Presenter enabled us to take a very dry subject and make it a ton of fun!”

    Mike T.
    Training presenter
  • “A great tool at my workshops and conference presentations... Even the shy folks start participating.”

    James W.
  • "Loved your software! Lots of fun and we got rave reviews!"

    HR professional
  • “We just did training on a pretty boring topic (Individual Retirement Accounts) and everyone had fun, learned something and could apply it on the job.”

    Training and education manager
  • “It is a big hit with my students.”

    Real estate instructor
  • “The kids just loved the game. Many said it was the best way to review for a test they have ever seen. A few of them asked me today if we were going to do it again soon.”

    High school vocational teacher


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