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Law Quiz Game Show Bundle

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"Research Sources and Case Law" is a Game Show Presenter quiz developed by Karin Mika primarily for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of a law school first year Legal Writing and Research course. The questions of the game are in multiple choice format and focus on:

  • basic legal terminology
  • basic information about research sources
  • concepts of jurisdiction and court hierarchy.

The questions are suitable for the introduction of various legal concepts as well as for an end-of-semester or end-of-year review. The game provides a fun way for students to learn as well as an instrument to determine what the students have learned throughout the course.

The law quiz has 100 questions that can be used randomly or tailored to an appropriate learning task. The game itself may be tailored in various ways including using timers, buzzers, and having multiple participants. There is a built-in quiz editor so you can add your own questions to the quiz or create your own review-style game shows.

Purchase the Law Quiz Game Bundle

Price: A single-user license is just $99, which is a $50 savings off the regular price of the software. The bundle includes the 100-question quiz "Research Sources and Case Law", plus you'll have the capability to write your own game show-style review quizzes for classes, presentations and events.

Info: For more information about the bundle, click here. For questions, please email us or call 1-800-793-5808.

The Law Quiz includes 100 questions. Questions are presented as a funny, TV-style game show. Edit the questions or create your own. Great teaching tool! The game can pause between questions for discussion.

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