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Order the Law Quiz Show Bundle

Credit card orders$99 License Law Quiz Bundle Single-User*

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What's Included in the Bundle: The Game Show Presenter PLUS Law Quiz bundle includes the 100-question quiz "Research Sources and Case Law" and the capability for you to write your own game show-style review quizzes for classes, presentations and events. It's a great way to enhance classes, challenge and reward students, and to enliven faculty and public events.

Question?: For more information about the bundle, click here. For questions, please email us or call 1-800-793-5808.

* Single-User means you, the individual presenter, are the licensed user of the software. If you are a regular user on two computers, you can put the software on both of them for your use. Or, you can put the software on a USB Flash drive for easy mobility. The software can run directly off of most USB Flash drives.

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