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It's Al's job to shower YOU with praise. But once in a while, Al screws up and gets some praise himself.

Try not to hold it against him.

Reviews and news of Al Morale:

''Al Morale kicks off an entirely new category of software: It's the world's first 'feel-good business application...' Al is the bootlicking toady you never had." -- Business Hardware & Gadgets Tip of the Day

"Tired of feeling underappreciated and put upon at work? Still waiting for that kind word or pat on the back that you KNOW is never gonna come? Download 'Al Morale' and get a daily dose of corporate boot-licking like you wouldn't believe!" -- Kim Komando's shareware pick of the week.




  "Animation and sound quality are first-rate."-- ZDNet

"Al doesn't calculate your net income or send faxes. Al Morale's job is to put a little tongue-in-cheek in your day, and he does his job quite well." -- The Virtual Partner newsletter

Rated 5 stars at SuperMacMan.com

''Al is the perfect cubicle-mate.'' -- cooltool.com

 "Editors' Pick" -- C|Net

"Just because your current job title is Assistant Boot Licker at Big Losers, Inc. doesn't mean you can't have a groveling, underpaid peon of your very own. Just download Al Morale..." -- Maxim Magazine, Sept. 2000

'Funny program ... Awarded 5 stars!" -- downloadsoft-ware.com

"Perfect comedy!" -- 100 Top Downloads

"Al's comments are very amusing and highly entertaining. He can instantly perk up any dreary day. You can make him speak out at certain times, or concerning special issues (your ideas will always be brilliant, your jokes always hilarious and your work always top rate). Super easy, super convenient and damn funny - you just have to try Al." -- Yippee.net

''...one of the best pieces of business software we have found in a long time. Get Al. He will cheer up your day! We love him.'' -- The News

''This gem is a must-have for every desk-bound cube slave. Install Al on your desktop and you'll always be at the top of the pecking order!" -- reSources.harpell.com

''He'll laugh at your jokes, shower you with praise, boost your confidence, and, most importantly, shut up when you want him to.'' -- Rocky Mountain News

''Al Morale is the anti-paper clip. Unlike that damned paper clip that always pops up on Microsoft Word giving his two cents, Al Morale is there for morale, plain and simple. He's not there to correct you and make you feel stupid. I believe strongly in Mr. Al Morale and urge you to hire him. With Al at your side, the work flies right by.'' -- The Daily Free Press

''The ultimate team player, Al Morale will sit on your desktop to simply adore you and remark on your unfailing intelligence, sense of humor, and brainstorming acumen.'' -- Download Dispatch

''Spare yourself a decades-long struggle up the corporate ladder. Your computer can give you all the ego perks that come with a corner office. Drop by almorale.com and discover how to turn your wretched work day into a wretched work day with a cartoon co-worker kissing your butt.'' -- Cool.com

''He's the co-worker you've always dreamed of. Everyone needs a little Al in their life....'' -- MacAddict

''The best boot-licking, butt-kissing, ego-boosting, yes-man you'll ever have.'' -- ChezMark

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