2010 Safety Events Calendar

Safety related calendar dates in 2010:

Need a fast way to find safety-related calendar events? Here you go.

  • Home Office Safety and Security Week: Jan. 3
  • Check Your Batteries Day: Mar. 14
  • National Poison Prevention Week: Mar. 14
  • Playground Safety Week: Apr. 25
  • National Safe Boating Week: May 22
  • Dog Bite Prevention Week: May 16
  • National Safety Month: June 1
  • ASSE Heart of American Chapter 2nd Annual PDC, June 4, Kansas City, MO - Bodine Training Games will be exhibiting and presenting at the conference. Hope to see you there.
  • Student Safety Month: June 1
  • Fireworks Safety Month: June 1
  • National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness Week: June 28
  • National Safe at Home Week: Aug. 23
  • National Preparedness Month: Sep. 1
  • National Farm Safety Week: Sept. 19
  • Crime Prevention Month: Oct 1
  • Fire Prevention Week: Oct. 3
  • Auto Speed Reduction Day: Nov 25
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