How Al works:

Al Morale's button functions

Al Morale software puts a virtual yes man and lackey into a small "cube" on your computer screen. From there, Al speaks 150 different lines of flattery and funny comments to add humor to your day!

Screen shots below show some of Al's many animated moments. Click to listen to these samples of Al's comic comments: Flattery | Praise | Idea rave | Laugh

Screening your callsWhatever you say, boss!You get fan mail!

You astound AlStay cool with AlShuts up with a click

Funny flattery!You're a genius compared to AlAl helps you think outside the box

  • Al agrees with everything you say, praises everything you do, and showers you with outrageous funny flattery. He even cracks up at your jokes. Al speaks automatically (you choose how often) or whenever you push his buttons for an immediate response. (see button guide above)
  • Al can run in the background on your PC or Mac. Drag his cube anywhere on screen.
  • Al is loaded with the kind of behaviors a boss could only dream about in an actual human. For example, he's on the job 24/7 without ever taking a break! (Just don't ask him to do any REAL work, because Al's fulltime job is being a yes man. It's his only skill. But he's REALLY good at it!)

If your boss has a great sense of humor, Al Morale could be a great gift for National Boss Day (Oct. 16.) Hire Al today for just $14.95!

The buzz on Al Morale:

"I can't tell you how many times Al made my day! It's really hard to remain stressed out when someone lavishes praise all over you!" -- Deborah

"Get Al. He will cheer up your day! We love him." -- The News

"Animation and sound quality are first-rate." -- ZDnet review (Al got 5 stars!)

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