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1. Opening Screen: Game Show Presenter opens to this main screen with buttons that lead to either of the programs work areas: The Quiz Editor and the Quiz Player.

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2. Quiz Editor: Create or edit your quizzes with this built-in Quiz Editor. Quizzes are listed by name on the left, and the questions for the currently selected quiz appear in the list on the right. You can jump directly to any question for editing by clicking the question in the list.

Game Show Presenter comes with four samples quizzes. The program can import and export quizzes as tab delimited text files.

To create a new quiz, just click the blue NEW button, give the quiz a name and you will be ready to write your questions in the Question Editor (next screen).

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3. Question Editor: Use the gray text boxes to write your question and up to 4 possible answers. (Write longer text if short answers don't fit your style.)

Red text shows the correct answer. You indicate which answer is correct, by clicking on the A, B, C or D buttons.

To make TRUE/FALSE or YES/NO questions, you simply type TRUE and FALSE or YES and NO into two of the answer fields. Then leave the other fields blank.

Browse through your quiz questions with the blue buttons near the bottom. You can also rate your question (Easy, Medium or Hard) and allow the game show to sort them so hard questions come in the last round for more points.

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4. Game Show set-up: This set-up screen gathers many of the optional settings in one place. Change the title of your game show, choose the show background, set the quiz timer's duration (or turn it off).

Check boxes give you an easy way to control whether your questions are randomly shuffled or not. You can end the show with a prize presentation scene, if you like. And you can have the show pause after each question by checking "Show Manual Advance."

Other screens (not shown) can add your name to the credits and more!

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5. Show title screen: When you present your game show, your show's title appears on a flashy screen with catchy theme music and sound effects.

The moment you start the show, people in your audience or class are drawn into a lively, TV-style game show environment.

The game show can be presented at either 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution. These two very common display settings are supported by virtually all LCD projectors.

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6. Animated host Al Morale: Audiences and classes love the funny comments of game show host Al Morale. He praises right answers with over-the-top kudos and dishes out punchy (but not mean-spirited) comments for wrong answers.

He'll crack your audience up with one-liners like "Is that your final error?"

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7. Quiz display: Your questions are displayed with just enough multimedia support to maintain the game show atmosphere without creating a distraction.

Players will see the timer counting down at the top of the screen, if you set the quiz timer in the game show preferences.

Players choose an answer by clicking or typing A, B, C or D. (Or, they can call out there choice and you press the key.)

When answers are given, the program responds with fun sound effects and comments from the host.

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8. Scoreboard: Game Show Presenter keeps track of the score automatically for up to 10 players or teams! (You can also set the preferences to exclude the supermodel if you prefer.)

The game show has two modes of competition. In the regular mode, players or teams take turns. But if you prefer to have them compete on every question, choose the "Buzz-In Mode" of competition. Then all players are in a race to come up with the right answer.

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9. Fun and Rewarding: Trainers, educators and presenters who use Game Show Presenter tell us they love it for these reasons:

  • It works! People learn more and have fun doing it.
  • It's so easy to use, you will have a polished game show presentation just minutes after you write a quiz.
  • It's affordable. Just $79 for a single-user license. (Teachers and nonprofits, we have discount options for you!)

    Purchase a Game Show Presenter license now using a secure online purchase, or visit our purchase info. page for other purchase and licensing options.

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