Fun training ideas

To engage your trainees, make your training sessions fun

Here's how:

Who's in the mood for some training? Pretty much nobody. So, who would rather be a player on a game show instead? With Game Show Presenter software, your trainees get educated AND  entertained. And you get their undivided attention!

The beauty of this concept is your trainees can have a lot of fun playing a challenging game that keeps them engaged while keeping the focus on your training topic.

The heart of all the training ideas below is a customizable, TV-style game show presentation product. It's easy to use, affordable and very popular with trainees.  The product is Game Show Presenter software. It can help with many different types of training needs: compliance training, HR presentations, sales training, classroom games, orientations, trade show staff training, leadership activities, presentation reviews, customer service training, product knowledge reinforcement, public outreach, customer training and adult education.  Will get into specifics in a moment.

How can one piece of software bring fun to so many topics and situations? Game Show Presenter is customized by you with questions about your topic. It presents that topic with an audience-challenging quiz show. So your trainees are drawn into a game that energizes and challenges them to think and show what they know. The game provides all the multimedia effects and keeps score, so it is easy for people to engage with the game and your training topic.

"We love this software. We just did training on a pretty boring topic and everyone had fun, learned something and could apply it on the job." — Beth (training manager)

How to apply this concept

Product training can require people to learn lots of features and benefits that can be overwhelming. Motivate people to remember the details with a Name That Feature training game show. The idea is you write a quiz that describes a feature, then trainees compete to name that feature from the multiple-choice list. (Motivational Tip: For long training classes, use Game Show Presenter for periodic reviews of information covered in your Powerpoint presentation. Trainees will be movitated to pay attention to your regular slides if they know it will be followed by a game show competition.

Customer Service Training is challenging. Most trainees grasp the basic ideas of customer service quick enough, but the procedural details that are so important can be a dry subject. That's where a game show quiz will stimulate your customer service trainees to pay attention and retain the fine points of your training presentation.

Training at Orientations that set a fun tone can help people connect and learn more. A great way to help trainees and volunteers absorb your information with an orientation game show. You can review key points in a fun, friendly way that leaves people energized. It works great for new staff, volunteers or any group you have assembled for an orientation event.

Assessment Game This training idea uses a two-prong approach for effective training. Start the training session with a brief game show that assesses your trainees knowledge of the subject. Your quiz show will wake them up and you will gain insight that you can immediately apply to the people in front of you. After the opening show, let trainees know you plan to end with another game show with questions about the training presentation. They'll look forward to that and pay more attention to your presentation. This is especially helpful on voluntary training sessions where you think people may not stick around to the end.

Customer or Representative Training. It's one thing to train your staff to serve customers, but sometimes you have to train the customers themselves. Perhaps you have a dealer network to train on your product line. Or you may need to offer your end-user customers training to increase their success with your product. Either way, a training game can really help to make customer training enjoyable and challenging. It's a way to let your customers know you go the extra distance for them.

"I was at a presentation recently where your product was used and it got rave reviews!!" — Colleen (bank manager)

Ideas for super dry topics:

When the subject matter gets dry you can see people struggle to pay attention or just give up and grab their phone. Motivating attention gets even harder when you are conducting annual compliance training that is already familiar to your trainees. Frankly, they need fun to help them pay attention and stay energized. That's where Game Show Presenter can really pay off. The program creates the opportunity to use what they know and to compete with their peers or work together as teams. Take people who may think they already know the subject and let them prove it!

Mix it up! If your subject matter is really dry, you can blend into your quiz some trivia questions that will give people little bursts of relief as you go. For multiple choice questions, it works well, too, if you include one laughable answer choice for each question. Sure, that one will be easy to rule out by the player, but it will engage people and, after their laugh, they still have to identify a correct answer. The game show can include up to five possible answers for a question.

Icebreaker Ideas: Make a trivia quiz game show based on what people in your group have in common. If people have come to an event from out of town, base a game show on the destination. It's a good conversation starter.

We have thousands of customers using Game Show Presenter on Windows and Macintosh computer to engage trainees and make training stick. What does it cost? As little as $49 for our Bronze Level version that comes with three of the most popular game show formats! Give it a try. If you have any questions, we're here to help — use the contact info below.

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