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Training Ideas

Make your training sessions fun and your trainees will participate and learn more. But how do you add fun and still keep the focus on your training topic? Our training ideas center on the use of a fun, TV-style game show presentation product that is easy to use, affordable and very popular with trainees.

Game Show Presenter software can help with for many different types of training classes: training presentations, sales training, classroom games, orientations, trade show staff training, leadership activities, presentation reviews, assessment and informal testing. The software lets you write the questions while it handles all the multimedia and scorekeeping. So you have a fast, easy way to turn training ideas into presentation-quality game show activities.

"We love this software. We just did training on a pretty boring topic and everyone had fun, learned something and could apply it on the job."
— Beth (training manager)

Training Ideas:

  • Product training can require people to learn lots of features and benefits that can be overwhelming. Motivate people to remember the details with a Name That Feature training game show. The idea is you write a quiz that describes a feature, then trainees compete to name that feature from the multiple-choice list. (Training Tip: For long training classes, use Game Show Presenter for periodic reviews of information covered in your Powerpoint presentation. Trainees will be movitated to pay attention to your regular slides if they know it will be followed by a game show competition.
  • Customer Service Training is challenging. Most trainees grasp the basic ideas of customer service quick enough, but the procedural details that are so important can be a pretty dry subject. That's where a game show quiz will stimulate your customer service trainees to pay attention and retain the fine points of your training presentation.
  • Training at Orientations Set a fun tone and help trainees absorb your information with an orientation game show. You can review key points in a fun, friendly way that leaves people energized. It works great for new staff, volunteers or any group you have assembled for an orientation event.
  • Assessment Game This training idea uses a two-prong approach for effective training. Start the training session with a game show that assesses your trainees knowledge of the subject. Your quiz show will wake them up and you will gain insight from the assessment that you can immediately apply in your training session. After the opening show, let trainees know you plan to end with another game show with questions about the training presentation. They'll look forward to that and pay more attention to your presentation. This is especially helpful on voluntary training sessions where you think people may not stick around to the end.
  • Trainees can be motivate to return promptly after breaks if you've told them there will be a game show and a chance to win prizes.
  • Customer Training It's one thing to train your staff to serve customers, but sometimes you have to train the customers themselves. Perhaps you have a dealer network to train on your product line. Or you may need to offer your end-user customers training to increase their success with your product. Either way, a training game can really help to make customer training enjoyable and challenging. It's a way to let your customers know you go the extra distance for them.
    "I was at a presentation recently where your product was used and it got rave reviews!!"
    — Colleen (bank manager)

    Insurance Training Ideas:

  • When the subject matter gets dry you can see it in your trainee's eyes. They struggle to pay attention. This gets even harder when you are conducting annual compliance training that is already familiar to your trainees. They need fun to help them pay attention and stay energized. That's where Game Show Presenter can really pay off. The program has lots of humor and the opportunity for competition. Take people who may think they already know the subject and make them prove it in a game show!
  • Mix it up! If your subject matter is really dry, you can blend into your quiz some trivia questions that will give people little bursts of relief as you go. Game Show Presenter includes several samples quizzes from which you can borrow questions or quiz ideas to combine with your own questions.

    Icebreaker Ideas:

  • Make a trivia quiz game show based on what people in your group have in common.
  • If people have come to an event from out of town, base a game show on the destination. It's a good conversation starter.

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    "Just love it - I'm a technical trainer and use this to provide reviews at the end of the day. Been using it for 5 years." — Karen S. (Technical trainer)

    "I have used Game Show Presenter for several years for our safety meetings and the trainees LOVE it! A fun way to present safety info in new ways." — Brigid K. (Safety coordinator)

    "It's a great tool for a trainer. Quite a motivator." — Joe (Professional trainer)

    "This is a huge success. Thanks for all your support."
    — Tina M. (Customer service analyst)

    "Loved your software! My boss and I looked like two geniuses. Lots of fun and we got rave reviews!"
    — Ann (HR professional)

    "The students LOVED the pharmacology game show!"
    — Jim (Nursing Instructor)

    "The show works GREAT!!"
    — Cindy (Bank Trainer)

    "My students love it as a review for quizzes and tests."
    — Mark (High school math teacher)

    "The game was incredibly easy to set-up. We really do love your game and I know the classes will enjoy it more than a traditional lecture."
    — Lori (University Information Librarian)

    "Your software is creative and easy to use, and your high service quality is refreshing."
    — Tim (Trainer)

    "My classes love it."
    — Mike (Police Dept. Trainer)

    "It's so much fun, and a great review tool."
    — Neil (Middle School teacher)

    "The program has functioned exceedingly well as an instructional tool, an effective review option, and as a legitimate evaluation method for my students."
    — Eric (High school teacher)

    "I am an avid user of Game Show PLUS. We ran about 300 sales people through a one-hour game show last week and they absolutely loved it. I'm now a hero in our company thanks to you, for Game Show PLUS enabled us to take a very dry subject and make it a ton of fun. Thanks!" — Mike T. (Trainer)

    "The presentation was a success and the Game Show Presenter was great — everyone enjoyed the quiz and I had the whole room laughing. It was a great way to start the training session off!" — Jodi G. (trainer)

    "I just purchased Game Show Presenter and I think it is great! This will be a big hit in our Safety Meetings." — Curt (Safety trainer)

    "I have found that your program is the best format for my students to retain information." — John (Career education trainer)

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