Suppose you are an educator with practically no budget and a classroom full of young, restless students. (I think I just described 80% of teachers!) One thing that works is a game show-style review. But bickering over "who was first" gets old fast and professional level buzzers are out of the question.

Thanks to a resourceful customer at the University of Michigan, we've learned of a bargain buzzer system solution. The trivia board game "Quizzard" contains a simple, plastic buzzer system that works great with Game Show Presenter software!

The Quizzard buzzer is part of a trivia board game that was manufactured by Random House in the 1980s. It allows up to 6 players or teams and uses a light to signal which player buzzed in first. Here's a video of Quizzard in use.

Where to find Quizzard:

On ebay, you can often find the Quizzard game and the very similar game Sale of the Century, which appears to have the same buzzer system in it. For testing, we bought a used Quizzard game for $17 (shipping included), which puts this low-cost buzzer system within almost any teacher or school budget.

Of course, every bargain comes with precautions, so take note:

The Quizzard buzzers have cheap plastic buttons that may not stand up to pounding by students.

Quizzard is a battery powered system, so try to make sure any game you bid on is in working order. You don't want one that was stored for a decade with leaking batteries!

Some sellers on ebay are actually selling Quizzard trivia booklets that were sold separate to the board game. So if you search for "Quizzard", those will also turn up. Make sure you are bidding on the actual game.

You may also find "Quizzard" at garage sales or thrift shops.

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